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Growing Broccoli Sprouts

Growing Broccoli Sprouts

We first heard about broccoli sprouts from Dr Rhonda Patrick on her Found My Fitness  Podcast.

There have been some recent studies on a compound called Sulforaphane and the many benefits including;

  • Cancer preventing (Research)
  • Prevents Heart Disease (Research)
  • Improves cognitive functions and helps to protect the brain from degenerative diseases  (Research)
  • Combats obesity

Unfortunately because the compound does easily degrade, most supplements on the market that claim to contain it will largely be ineffective. The video below is a great informational video on Sulforaphane.


Wash the seeds in cold water using a sieve. Then submerge the seeds in water for at least 8 hours in the germinator. After 8 hours rinse once more, then tip the germinator so most of the water comes out. Then place on a tray so any remaining liquid can drip out and place it somewhere dark and at room temperature (not too cold/hot).  A cupboard or under the stairs is perfect. I’ve placed it in light before and the yield isn’t nearly as much.

Day 1

The next day the seeds should start to sprout ever so slightly. In the germinator I rinse under cold water at least twice before placing it back in the cupboard.

Day 2

The seeds are now noticeably sprouting. Again I rinse at least twice in the germinator before placing it back in the cupboard. You do this everyday in order to water the seeds and stop any harmful bacteria. I live in the UK so tap water here is drinking water.

Day 3

By now you start to see the sprouts developing and if you look closely the stalks have tiny little hairs that make it look a bit fluffy.

Once again I rinse it at least twice in water and I also broke off any big clumps starting to form.

Day 4

By now the seeds will clearly be sprouting with some tiny leaves. They haven’t quite freed from the husks (skin) of the seeds.

They also tend to clump up together again so as I’m rinsing it twice I tend to break off big lumps. I also skim off any husks that float to the top.

Day 5 - It's harvest time!

I give them one final rinse and either put them in a bag to freeze and use at a later date or put them in any salads fresh. They have a slightly peppery and earthy taste.

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