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Day In A Life

Inspired by Aubrey Marcus’ book Own the Day, Own Your Life. I’ve been looking at what the perfect day looks like for me. I hope that this will be the start of a series of Success journals from experts, CEO’s, psychiatrists, nutritionists, teachers, innovators and everybody in between to share their wisdom and experiences in order for us to gain knowledge,  inspiration and insight into the best habits that make the most out of our days. My perfect day on a weekday will look very different to a weekend/family time day, however for the purposes of this journal I have looked at a working day.

5am-6am – Waking up early I would go and freshen up and take my first drink of water to hydrate myself. Water helps me to wake up early in the morning and  without drinking a quantity of water I always feel my energy levels are not quite the same and always feel thirstier throughout the day. I try to consume at least 568 ml (1pint) of water per hour, use this app water reminder and I also carry a Brita Water Bottle (I try to minimise drinking plastic bottled water from the shops).

I will then follow this up with 15 mins of meditation and 5 minutes of journaling and gratitude. This helps me to feel appreciative of all the things I have but also allows me to reflect on what I would like to achieve for the day. I will then try to read about 10 pages of a book. Benefits of gratitude

6am-7am – A good hour long exercise or gym session. I like to mix up my morning exercises between strength training, cardio or yoga. Benefits of exercise include; Improved sleep, increased interest in sex, better endurance, stress relief, improvement in mood. Check out some of the studies here

7am-9am – I have got into cold showers and although hate the thought of it initially, once in, I feel great and invigorated. There are so many benefits to a cold shower and I use the WIm Hoff method to get through it. I’ll then spend the next hour or so spending it with my son, getting him ready and off to nursery. Benefits of a cold shower

9.30am-12.30pm – If I don’t have meetings then I will spend these hours trying to achieve the 3 most important things for work. These are usually the most important tasks and/or most beneficial to my work. In between tasks I will sometimes do a 3-5min meditation.

1pm-2pm – Go for lunch with a friend or colleague. Even if it is with a colleague I will try to keep work related conversations as minimal as possible. It’s often nice to get away from conversations about work. This is where I have my first meal of the day (I follow intermittent fasting. Eating window varies between 16:8 and 20:4 depending on schedule and social situation)

2pm-5pm – I will often try to work on tasks that don’t require too much decision making i.e. writing/database tasks. I usually use to help me focus on these longer tasks. It helps me to get into the groove of things and retain focus. I break it down into 55 min chunks and have a 3-5 min break in between.

6pm – 8pm – I will pick up my son and I will have dinner with him and my partner. It could be dinner at home or at a restaurant, but some play and story time is a fundamental part of our evening.

8pm-10.30pm – Me and my partner will exercise/relax/meditate/talk and spend 5 mins journaling to reflect on the day. I will also try to read 10 pages of a book before bedtime. An important note and it is something we’re all guilty of, including myself is to switch off all electronics at least an hour before bed.   Benefits of a bedtime routine 

It’s important to think about how you want to live your life on your terms. For me, thinking about what my perfect day looks like has been a great way to really assess how far I am on this journey, what I need to do and actual goals to help me achieve it.

I will often not get a chance to have a perfect day. However, I try to at least incorporate most if not all these elements multiple times throughout my week and because I know what my perfect day looks like I often strive towards it.

DIAL – A Day In The Life – Xavier Louis @ Peak Labs

DIAL – A Day In The Life – Xavier Louis @ Peak Labs

Day In A Life Xavier Louis is an entrepreneur and gaming specialist. He co-founded Peak – The number 1 brain training app for mobiles, that uses neuroscience, technology and gaming to improve cognition. Here he talks about what makes his perfect day, the importance of...

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